The Squad

Head Mistress

Welcome to Alyth International !

We always need to develop our skills and knowledge to succeed in a global economy and only a good education in a school can make a healthy and co-operative relationships and prepare our children the pillars of a family and to strengthen the cultural values & achieve excellence in each area.

Children with young minds are the centre of the small world. We have to teach them to believe in themselves, to love from the heart, and to teach values such as honesty, integrity, patience, and self-control gradually and steadily.

Alyth International School is a school where dreams come true. We provide child-centered teaching-learning experiences with global approach and devoted towards character building and all round personality development of the students. Our aim to bring a realistic education and prepare young minds to be the global citizens for a new world to explore, enquire and think out of the box.

We wish everyone a great success.