We have not seen any school without a library. In fact, we can say a school is incomplete without a library. We provide a well-stocked library at our school which enables our students to not only read about their course books, but also they can read about various other things. As we know that to get well educated, reading is important. But it should not be limited to the course books. It should be beyond it. Students should develop a reading habit, be it novel for entertainment or some books on science or history, it will always help a student to evolve themselves. With the same thought, we provide students a variety of books present in our library and also keep updating it from time to time.

A cornucopia of genres resides in our library, from self-help to encyclopedia and horror to kids' comics. While the student may study his/her life off in class, and sweat everything off during play, the library will be this unending supply of whatever the child wants, be it knowledge or entertainment.