The Squad

The School

Welcome to Alyth International !

Alyth International School sprung from the idea of truly holistic education for the people of tomorrow, for it is equally important to leave good citizens for the planet as to leave a good planet for its citizens. Amidst all the teaching of regular classes, we hope to imbibe into the students the need for financial literacy, the skill of having at least rudimentary knowledge of multiple languages, and above all, the importance of being good human beings. We will not only generate, but also sate, the curiosity of the students for topics ranging from the making of an airplane to the name of the first radio jockey, all while showing our students through example and demonstration what values open minded people need to have to progress and where to challenge society to make the next leap. Alyth International will not teach students to pass their exams, but help them find their true selves and let the world see them for themselves.

The Logo

The logo of Alyth International goes far beyond the letter A it resembles. Each line that makes up the letter, when accompanied by the circle, resembles a human being; implying our belief in the unity of humans in times of joy and strife. The colours for each of said segments are different, taking unity a step further into diversity and acceptance of all kinds of people irrespective of their heritage, caste or creed.

Golden Yellow is the colour of the Sun that reaches our eyes, the symbol of strength and belief in oneself, thus basking the world in its glory. Green is what we relate to plants, newly born shoots dressed gently with mildew early in the morning, yet to see the world. It signifies the purity of a child's soul, and the importance of nurturing it to the fullest. Magenta, though, eludes effortless understanding. It is the ubiquitous colour found in the Aurora Borealis and is yet aside the visible spectrum of light. It is a symbol of creativity, of letting oneself go, and sating all curiosity. Such is the logo of Alyth International.